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The Race That Changes EVERYTHING!

Monaco is a race known for little overtaking, tire management and lots of safety cars. 9 out of the last 10 races had a safety car. 

A huge blow for the start of the race as hometown hero Charles Leclerc did not start the race due to a gearbox problem. Leclerc started in poll position. Verstappen had a clear sight in front as he started second behind the non-existent Ferrari car. 

After 32 laps of no action, action began as Bottas had a problem with his pit stop, ruling him out of the race. Definitely a team mistake for the Mercedes as the top right tire would not bludge. After Verstappen pitted in lap 35, Perez took number one position. That did not last long as he pitted in lap 36 and the order at the top was restored. 

This will be the first time Verstappen has led the Drivers Championship. He is 4 points in front of Hamilton, this is after his 124th race. Sainz finishes 2nd gives him his 3rd ever podium finish. Hamilton set the record for the race lap record of 1 minute and 12 seconds, earning him an extra world championship point. Verstappen is the 64th person to lead the world championship. This is his first win and podium at the Monaco Grand Prix. Perez’s first points here since 2016, and Norris’ 3rd podium. This is Sainz’s first podium at his new team, Ferrari.

  1. Verstappen 
  2. Sainz 
  3. Norris 
  4. Perez 
  5. Vettel 
  6. Gasly 
  7. Hamilton 
  8. Stroll 
  9. Ocon 
  10. Giovinazzi 
  11. Raikkonen  
  12. Ricciardo 
  13. Alonso 
  14. Russell 
  15. Latifi
  16. Tsunoda 
  17. Mazepin 
  18. Schumacher 
  19. Leclerc (OUT)
  20. Bottas (OUT)

Photo Source: F1.

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