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Spinning out of control in Turkey!

Within the first seconds of the race Ocon and Bottas would spin out, this would define the progression of the race in a wet Turkey. Racing Point had a point to prove in this race, as Stroll had his first ever poll position start. Perez also started in 3rd. Vettel had an amazing race in the Ferrari, he was in the top 3 for the first time this season, after not finishing in the top 10 for his last 7 races. Lap 14 led to bad news for Alfa Romeo, as Giovinazzi left the race as the virtual safety car was in the race. Along the way, as more people would pit, changing to intermediate tires, the race had 4 different leaders. Rain stopped and started during the race. Verstappen was investigated for crossing a white line, but nothing eventuated from that. Magnussen did not finish the race, a key part of his season this year unfortunately. After Stroll led for most of the race, a pit stop call by his crew meant that in lap 38, Hamilton took the lead. Latifi did not finish as well as Grosjean. The last 8 laps many cars were spinning out. Leclerc stepped up and had a podium position, until the last seconds of the race where Vettel overtook his teammate to claim a podium finish for him. Hamilton winning this race gives him another world championship, tied with the most on 7. Bottas was nowhere to be seen in this race giving his teammate the world championship.

Final Standings:

  1. Hamilton
  2. Perez
  3. Vettel
  4. Leclerc
  5. Sainz Jr
  6. Verstappen
  7. Albon
  8. Norris
  9. Stroll
  10. Ricciardo
  11. Ocon
  12. Kvyat
  13. Gasly
  14. Bottas
  15. Raikkonen
  16. Russell
  17. Magnussen (DNF)
  18. Grosjean (DNF)
  19. Latifi (DNF)
  20. Giovinazzi (DNF)

Photo Source: F1.

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