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Red Bull’s first win in Silverstone since 2012 highlights dramatic race

A race with many different first place contenders. From Verstappen, Bottas to Hamilton, these three battled it out for the top spot all race long.

Verstappen came in clutch to deliver Red Bull’s first Silverstone win since 2012, whilst Leclerc who started 8th finishes in 4th position, a key talking point was his stop at the pits once.

A heavily contested ending as Hamilton takes second spot, overtaking his Mercedes teammate Bottas to end the podium spots. Hulkenberg started in a podium position, but ended in 7th.
Final Positions:

  1. Verstappen.
  2. Hamilton.
  3. Bottas.
  4. Leclerc.
  5. Albon.
  6. Stroll.
  7. Hulkenberg.
  8. Ocon.
  9. Norris.
  10. Kvyat.
  11. Gasly.
  12. Sainz Jr.
  13. Vettel.
  14. Ricciardo.
  15. Raikonnen.
  16. Grosjean.
  17. Giovinazzi.
  18. Russell.
  19. Latifi.
  20. Magnussen (DNF).

Photo Source: Essentially Sports.

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