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Racers Burn Rubber in Italy Grand Prix!

The 100th race in Italy delivered a promising start! Ricciardo started in 4th and kept that streak up, until he was overtaken by Gasly. Stroll was very close to Ocon at the start and had a small hit. Magnussen spun out during the start of the race, after being hit by Vettel losing precious lap time. That investigation resulted in nothing. Gasly’s time in the race was short, after retiring the race due to issues with the car. Gasly started the race well. Bottas started first, and Mercedes need 11 points to win the Conductors Championship.
Giovinazzi jumped 6 spots at the start putting him in 14th spot. Hamilton started off 3rd, but ended up in the first spot. Ricciardo and Leclerc were on each other’s back the whole race, sitting 4th and 5th, until they pitted. However, they worked their way back up into points positions.
Ocon also ended the race due to errors. Verstappen overtook Bottas to come in clutch and take a second place. Magnussen was feeling good to continue racing, but unfortunately had to retire his car. Verstappen’s right rear tire got damaged, putting his 2nd place spot out of question, resulting in a safety car. He had 32 laps with those tires. This is his 4th DNF this season. That put Perez in a podium finish, until he pitted giving it to Ricciardo. Then another racer was out of the race as George Russell, en route to points landed on the tarmac. Stroll had cold breaks and bumped into a man in his pit crew. Not a great day for Red Bull as Albon spins out of control after the safety car ended, putting him last. Kvyat with fresh tires was on fire after the safety car coming from 7th to 4th and battling for a podium! Mercedes win a record 7 Conductors Championships in a row, breaking a new record (2014-2020). Ricciardo gets another podium this season with Renault.

Final Positions:
1. Hamilton 2. Bottas 3. Ricciardo 4. Kvyat 5. Leclerc 6. Perez 7. Sainz 8. Norris 9. Raikonnen 10. Giovinazzi 11. Latifi 12. Grosjean 13. Vettel 14. Stroll 15. Albon

DNF’s: Ocon, Verstappen, Russell, Magnussen and Gasly.
Photo Source: F1.

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