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Max Verstappen Crowned F1 Champion

Max Verstappen is crowned the F1 champion in Japan, with just four races to go in the season. 

This was Verstappen’s 12th victory, but many of the speculations surround Carlos Sainz’s crash, as cars drove around the tractor recovering the Spanish drivers car. Which was sent out while cars were still circulating the track.

Pierre Gasly caught up to the tractor on speed which was an eerily close reminder of the death of Jules Bianchi. He quoted that “I could have killed myself. This is unacceptable”. 

The rain dictated the race, and after a two hour hiatus 28 of the 53 laps were completed in which Verstappen was the leader for the duration of the whole race. Verstappen did not think the points would have been awarded, due to the shortened race, but shortly after the race, the governing body of the F1, the FIA granted the full 25 points. Verstappen’s lead can not be stopped as he has 366 points with Perez on 253 points and Leclerc on 252 points, who also received a 5 second penalty. This ultimately sealed the title for the flying Dutch man. 

Verstappen is the third racer to achieve the championship with four or more races remaining, joining world class names such as as Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell, and, Sebastian Vettel at the Japanese circuit. 

PHOTO SOURCE: Eurosport.

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