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Crashes, penalties and battles highlight Russia race!

The Russia race delivered many surprises with some of the biggest racers being involved in big actions.
At the start of the race Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz crashed, leading to a yellow flag and a safety car, ruling them out. That was the start of an intense Russia race.
Albon, Russell and Norris, three very good mates were sitting 16th, 17th and 18th and all battled to get ahead of each other.
Hamilton was given two 5 second penalties, ruining his chances of finishing 1st. This made the driver very unhappy who refused to go to the pits. He would still finish in the top 3 regardless. If he gets two more penalty points he will miss a race. On top of that, Ricciardo received a 5 second penalty. This had no impact on his spot.
Albon had a battle near the end of the race with Norris for 10th place. Taking the last points for the race.
Kvyat’s home race ended with him getting points, as he was in on the podium at some stage during the match.
Bottas takes the win in Russia as Hamilton received the penalty. This was his place win since Austria in July. The top 3 is the same for the 6th time this year.
Leclerc had a great race for Ferrari, and a shout-out to his team mate Vettel for his 250th race. Perez from McLaren also had a great race.
Final Positions:

  1. Bottas.
  2. Verstappen.
  3. Hamilton.
  4. Perez.
  5. Ricciardo.
  6. Leclerc.
  7. Ocon.
  8. Kvyat.
  9. Gasly.
  10. Albon.
  11. Giovinazzi.
  12. Magnussen.
  13. Vettel.
  14. Raikonnen.
  15. Norris.
  16. Latifi.
  17. Grosjean.
  18. Russell.
  19. Sainz.
  20. Stroll.
    Photo Source: Reuter’s.

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