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Bumps and Bruises in Italy

The race started out with rain and a slippery surface. After a smooth transition to normal tires and weather the race got more intense. 

Latifi was ruled out of the race early. Hamilton spun out, which cost him the podium spots, then moments after a huge crash between Bottas and Russell caused a red flag and a delay in the race. The crash and Hamilton blunder allowed for Norris to jump into second with the two Ferrari’s right behind him. Norris aiming to hold onto his highest ever finish in a Formula 1 race.

Perez’s spin out of control caused him to sail all the way down to 14th, after starting 2nd. In Lap 55, Hamilton went back into the podium spots after he lost control. Tsunoda received a black and white flag and 5 seconds added onto to his time at the end of the race. This did not affect his final racing position. Verstappen dominated the race at the top the whole race. Finally in lap 60, Hamilton went back into 2nd spot. Mazepin also spun out, as did many racers in the Grand Prix. Verstappen’s win today gives him his first in Italy. Vettel was ruled out late in the race. Ocon received his first points of the season. McLaren and Ferrari should commend their efforts and drivers today, especially Norris who was the driver of the day. 

Final Positions:

  1. Verstappen
  2. Hamilton 
  3. Norris
  4. Leclerc 
  5. Sainz 
  6. Ricciardo
  7. Stroll 
  8. Gasly 
  9. Raikkonen 
  10. Ocon
  11. Alonso 
  12. Perez
  13. Tsunoda 
  14. Giovinazzi 
  15. Schumacher
  16. Mazepin 

DNF. Vettel

DNF. Latifi 

DNF. Bottas 

DNF. Russell 

Photo Source: Beyond the Flag.

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